Lightwell behind the stage

Until neighbours complaining of noise required it to be walled off, it was possible to climb through the window onto a deck under the stars, a sublime retreat from the hustle and bustle of the cafe.

Arclife News and Rumours, 2003

02.05.03 don't miss the harbour lights gig in lyttelton (chch) on friday may 9th. appearing are david kilgour & heavy 8's / hiss explosion / palace @ 4am / heka / kahu. with such an ass kicking line up be sure that you don't miss this event if you live in lyttelton or the flat... Continue Reading →

Guestbook, 1997-2001

merry xmas everyone. the arc cafe, that heart in a town full of clubs, that humble home for the remarkable! if it weren't for the staff and trustees, who give so much to keep the place alive! overworked and underpaid or even unpaid ... from the other side of the world i look back and... Continue Reading →

Arclife Reviews (1998-2002)

Reviews of releases #001 to #016 from Arclife website 2002 (PDF) #021 hiss explosion 66 (2002) ...together their sound is a compelling merger of layered, delicate melodies and sparse arrangements, bedding down with gordons-like textures of noise and music. brent cardy real groove dec 02 #019 bible black bible black (2002) the spirit of black... Continue Reading →

Vision (from website, 2001)

Arc Cafe began in June 1997 and is owned and operated by the Arc Cafe charitable trust, which exists to (here goes) "enrich the lives of the public by providing a non-commercial media production house, cafe and venue that supports and advances constructive, authentic new cultures, music and arts.". Mainly, we believe in people and... Continue Reading →

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