Michael J. Brasell, 1967-2004

Michael J Brasell aka Michael J Hex was leading Arclife when he died suddenly of pneumonia in 2004. Michael was an important and hugely loved figure in the Dunedin music scene.

Saturday 17/4/2004 – A Tribute to Michael .J. Hex featuring: DavidKilgour and The Heavy Eights, The Puddle, Voyeur, Heka, Ogato Gordo, Matthew Thornicroft, The Renderers, Palace at 4am, The Remains, The Dialtones, The Pukes, The Shutups, Ecophonic, Azlan, Ozi and Irian, ZX81, Bride of Pinbot, Stefanimal, Stefan Jordan, Pamela Poppins, Emmanuelle Gomez, Sam Cumming, Gavin Shaw, Toki Wilson, Kahu, Operation Rolling Thunder, Martin Phillipps, Sneaky Paw… Fire performance by Highly Flammable…  2:00 PM – This is a benefit show with all proceeds going to Hannah and Willy.

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