This is an archive of memorabilia related to Arc Cafe and Arclife Records, which closed in the late 2000s. Formed with the aim of fostering music, art and alternative cultures in Dunedin, Arc Cafe opened its doors to the public on 20 June 1997 and became something of a hub for a vibrant and diverse local community. Offering free... Continue Reading →

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“Arclife”, Arclife 005

ultrasynthetic - dinky beets cloudboy - cup of roses - download mp3 the dark beaks - maribellu david kilgour and the heavy eights - crazy mëstar - choo choo train maryrose crook - fall of the earth cloud coupe - honey baby sugar tess - mauri lou - same old slate - iron bird pointy little... Continue Reading →

Music of Dunedin, Arclife 001

Pretty (Cloudboy) Cheeseburger Song (Lesley Speaker) Love Song (Mëstar) - download mp3 At the Mercy of (Jay Clarkson) Kipiel (Suka) Swallow (Sola Monday) L is Poison (John White) White Boys on Punk (Jetty) Ride (Mink) Autobahn (April Fools) Slipperyness (Ultrasynthetic) The Dawn (Demarnia Lloyd) Shining Star (Tawhiri) Hospice (Alastair Galbraith) Where the Angels Bathe (Toast)... Continue Reading →

Kitset Testpot, Arclife 004

stuck - download mp3 opossum - download mp3 it's open - download mp3 left me wondering - download mp3 minor - download mp3 passerby - download mp3 from the hollows - download mp3 formaldahide - download mp3  kitset are: peter hobbs - gat/vox frank (ursula bowald) - drums paddy moran - keys/bv with special guest folina - french horn recorded and produced by... Continue Reading →

Lightwell behind the stage

Until neighbours complaining of noise required it to be walled off, it was possible to climb through the window onto a deck under the stars, a sublime retreat from the hustle and bustle of the cafe.

Faces above the bar

When renovating Arc to get it ready to open in early 1997 there was an industrial steel frame above the entire bar area, left over from the jailhouse days. We covered it in paper mache faces made by volunteers. They were a bit crazy but distinctive. At the end of 1998 we took down the... Continue Reading →

Complete List of Arclife Releases

#001 arc music of dunedin 18 track compilation (1998) #002 suka spitwinterspit (1998) #003 mëstar mëstar (1998) #004 kitset testpot (1999) #005 arc arclife live compilation (1999) #006 jay clarkson kindle (1999) #007 arc flying way too high 18 track cd compilation (2000) #008 demarnia lloyd trace (2000) #009 mëstar steamer (2000) #010 cloudboy down... Continue Reading →

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