Live Show List, 1999

Friday January 8 1999: Arc Reopening Night with Kitset, Pointy Little Stick and Virgil Reality

Tuesday January 12: Drunk Uncle – farewell gig
Friday January 15: The Clean
Saturday January 16: Mr Habibi

Friday January 22: DJs Flyboy and Daddy Cool

Tuesday January 26: Solo Performers – D. Baser, Evan, Lou, Slate
Friday January 29: 4 Years on the Planet and Cornerstone
Saturday January 30: Queer and Sandra Bell

Tuesday February 2: Kristina Olsen (Canada)
Thursday February 4: The Paua Fritters (Auck)
Friday February 5: The Hosemobile (USA)
Saturday February 6: Luke Hurley

Tuesday February 9: The Dark Beaks
Wednesday February 10: Tom and friends (solo performers)
Thursday February 11: The Puddle and Toki
Friday February 12: Orbi
Saturday February 13: The Transients and Pointy Little Stick

Tuesday February 16: Calder Prescott Quartet jazz
Wednesday February 17: Gospel and The Blues: The sacred and secular roots of African American music. Featuring Harold Anderson (double bass and voice) and Stan Strickland (reeds). $10 waged, $7 unwaged.
Thursday February 18: Mestar and The Clones
Friday February 19: Emma Paki
Saturday February 20: Bailterspace (pre sales from the cafe $15) with Kitset

Tuesday February 23: She’s Insane (chch)
Wednesday February 24: Free Jazz
Thursday February 25: Mink (live to air on radio one) with Ultrasynthetic and Bitstream
Friday February 26: C.L. Bob Quartet (Wgtn – Jazz)
Saturday February 27: Fur Patrol (Wgtn) with Mestar and Emmanuelle Gomez

Tuesday March 2: David Muir, Pointy Little Stick, Jay Clarkson
Wednesday March 3: Calder Prescott Quartet jazz
Thursday March 4: Svelte (Chch)
Friday March 5: Blue Grassy Knoll (Australia)
Saturday March 6: HDU and Dimmer with Kitset

Tuesday March 9: Aesthetics and Pummice
Wednesday March 10: Free Tibet benefit gig with Losang Dawa, Time will Tell, The Dark Beaks, Free Jazz, Slate, Alastair Galbraith, Trevor Haze, Francisca Griffin, Nick Prosser, Lorena Harding, Williams Face, Styles of Staunch and Lou / 8:30 pm / $5
Thursday March 11: The Transients, Emmanuelle Gomez and friends
Friday March 12: Orbi
Saturday March 13: Festiva Latina dance party

Tuesday March 16: Ultrasynthetic / free
Wednesday March 17: Calder Prescott Quartet jazz / free
Thursday March 18: Williams Face
Saturday March 20: DJ Flyboy and afternoon rollerdisco

Tuesday March 23: The Dark Beaks
Wednesday March 24: Sandu (5-piece jazz)
Friday March 26: Kitset CD Release Party
Saturday March 27: Queer Dance

Tuesday March 30: Francisca Griffin and friends
Wednesday March 31: Calder Prescott Quartet jazz / free
Thursday April 1: Tangents III dance party

Tuesday April 6: Alastair Galbraith
Wednesday April 7: Amos Mann band jazz
Thursday April 8: Black Mamba Ambulance
Friday April 9: Squirm and Hawaii-5-0

Tuesday April 13: The Dark Beaks
Wednesday April 14: The Calder Prescott Quartet
Thursday April 15: Demurrer, Swampy
Friday April 16: Epsilon Blue, Algorithm, solin, dj inc
Saturday April 17: Lizzie Cook (chch)

Tuesday April 20: Radical (formerly “time will tell”) live reggae plus downtown brown
Wednesday April 21: Jake Smith “subtropic” $5 10pm
Thursday April 22: Williams Face and Emmanuelle Gomez and friends
Friday April 23: Leraine Horstmanshoff (wgtn)
Saturday April 24: C.M. Trio (chch)

Tuesday April 27: Lou, David Muir, Jay Clarkson
Wednesday April 28: Calder Prescott Quartet jazz / free
Thursday April 29: Fats Thompson
Friday April 30: Suka and The Aesthetics
Saturday May 1: Noise Festival

Tuesday May 4: Rape Crisis Benefit gig
Wednesday May 5: Sandu jazz
Thursday May 6: HDU and Alastair Galbraith
Friday May 7: Orbi and the Cook Is Drummers and Dancers
Saturday May 8: David Kilgour and the heavy eights

Monday May 10: Arcoustics
Tuesday May 11: Suka and Mr Habibi
Wednesday May 12: Luke Hurley
Thursday May 13: The Dark Beaks
Friday May 14: Andy Brown (Auck) “Pakajam” CD Release / $5
Saturday May 15: Laughin’ Gas and Solin and Rudy Adrian electronica

Monday May 17: Arcoustics (with Aaron Cross)
Tuesday May 18: Zuvuya
Wednesday May 19: Fresh Juiced Jazz
Thursday May 20: Sandra Bell CD Release
Friday May 21: Ultrasynthetic and J.T. Mitchell (free electronica)
Saturday May 22: Salmonella Dub and High Pass Filter (melb)

Monday May 24: Arcoustics
Tuesday May 25: Pointy Little Stick and the Trash Gordons
Wednesday May 26: Ernie for Bert
Thursday May 27: Zuvuya and 4 years on the planet (live to air on radio one)
Friday May 28: Latino Fiesta – latin american dance night
Saturday May 29: Queer Dance

Monday May 31: Arcoustics
Tuesday June 1: Leila Adu (chch)
Wednesday June 2: Arclife CD Release gig
Thursday June 3: Dark Tower plus Ultrasynthetic and Cloud Coupe
Friday June 4: Space Dust (chch) CD Release, with Cash Guitar and the High Five
Saturday June 5: Variant 386 CD Release DJs and visuals

Tuesday June 8: The 3 Prosthetic and The Aesthetics
Wednesday June 9: Fresh Juiced Jazz
Thursday June 10: “Kindling” – Eudaemony Winter Solstice Fundraiser – Dance!
Friday June 11: Space Cadets
Saturday June 12: Middle Eastern Dance Evening

Monday June 14: Arcoustics
Tuesday June 15: Scooter (Hamilton) with The Dark Beaks
Wednesday June 16: Environment Centre Benefit Gig bands and fun
Thursday June 17: Mutant Disco Funkarama – House
Friday June 18: Arc 2nd Birthday Party (bands)
Saturday June 19: Arc 2nd Birthday Party (dance)

Monday June 21: Arcoustics
Tuesday June 22: Michael J. Hex and friends
Wednesday June 23: The Puddle
Thursday June 24: Fur Patrol
Friday June 25: Ho Dogs, Lonesome Throats, and friends
Saturday June 26: Parsec, Luminous Spheres

Monday June 28: Arcoustics
Tuesday June 29: Grassroots live reggae (formerly time will tell)
Wednesday June 30: The Good C Trio (jazz) / free
Thursday July 1: “Sensoria” – sight / sound / smell / touch / taste with Johannes, Nigel Bunn, Habibi, etc etc.
Friday July 2: bNet Showcase – bands

Monday July 5: Arcoustics
Tuesday July 6: Alastair Galbraith plus Wire music
Wednesday July 7: Luke Hurley
Thursday July 8: HDU and Pointy Little Stick
Friday July 9: Mutant Disco Funkarama – House / free
Saturday July 10: Middle Eastern Dance

Monday July 12: Arcoustics
Tuesday July 13: Space Cadet Academy
Wednesday July 14: Sandu – 5 piece jazz
Thursday July 15: The Renderers
Friday July 16: Jazz
Saturday July 17: Mark de Clive Lowe and Manuel Bundy

Monday July 19: Arcoustics
Tuesday July 20: Growler, Big Block, Rubicon
Wednesday July 21: Waiata Wahine – Women’s Rights Gig featuring Cloud Coupe, Lou, Kiri Winders, Sola Monday.
Thursday July 22: Garageland
Friday July 23: Mestar, Ultrasynthetic, Cloud Coupe
Saturday July 24: Slack – future house dancy party

Monday July 26: Arcoustics
Tuesday July 27: The Good C Trio and guests (jazz)
Thursday July 29: 3 Prosthetic (live to air radio one)
Friday July 30: Trash Gordons

Monday August 2: Arcoustics
Tuesday August 3: Evan, Toki, Steven, et al
Wednesday August 4: The Good C Trio
Thursday August 5: Martin Phillipps album release.
Friday August 6: “Wizz” featuring DJs Curt Ashley (NYC), Abstrakt and friends. Trance-House. No door charge.
Saturday August 7: Queer Dance 8

Monday August 9: Arcoustics – open mic night
Tuesday August 10: Casadh – touring Irish band
Thursday August 12: S.A.F.E. gig
Friday August 13: A.L.C.P gig
Saturday August 14: Kay Row and the Treefellers and the Burnhearts.

Monday August 16: Arcoustics
Tuesday August 17: The Dunedin Oneders
Wednesday August 18: The Good C Trio
Thursday August 19: Amnesty International Gig featuring Zuvuya, Song Bong, 4 years on the planet, and friends
Saturday August 21: ArcElectronic presents Slack 2

Monday August 23: Arcoustics
Tuesday August 24: Zuvuya
Friday August 27: Downtown Brown
Saturday August 28: Slack presents Valium Lounge

Monday August 30: Arcoustics
Tuesday August 31: Mink
Thursday September 2: Environment Centre Benefit Gig
Friday September 3: Opera House Benefit Gig
Saturday September 4: Martin Phillipps CD re-release.

Monday September 6: Arcoustics
Tuesday September 7: The Dunedin Oneders
Wednesday September 8: The Art School Ball
Thursday September 9: Kitset, Kahu, Seth (FREE!)
Friday September 10: Ake Ake Theatre Show

Monday September 13: Arcoustics open mic night
Tuesday September 14: The Trash Gordons
Saturday September 18: Orbi

Monday September 20: Arcoustics
Tuesday September 21: Kitsch
Wednesday September 22: Downtown Brown plays reggae
Thursday September 23: Flyboy’s retro funk action
Friday September 24: Jay Clarkson’s Kindle CD Release party featuring Pointy Little Stick, Kahu, The Soft Rocks, Bob Scott, Brian and Mary Rose, Evan, Jay Clarkson and the boys. $6 or $15 with CD.
Saturday September 25: Dating Godot with Kitset

Monday September 27: Arcoustics
Tuesday September 28: The Dunedin Oneders
Thursday September 30: Sola Rosa – Auckland Electro
Friday October 1: Head Like a Hole
Saturday October 2: The Nomad and Downtown Brown

Tuesday October 5: Alastair Galbraith
Thursday October 7: The Immersion Pre-Party DJs Abstrakt and friends
Friday October 8: Jetty and Suka
Saturday October 9: Salmonella Dub

Friday October 22: Slack Girls dance party
Saturday October 23: Sensoria

Monday October 25: Arcoustics
Tuesday October 26: The Dunedin Onuders
Friday October 29: Slack Boys dance party – firm but fair follow through
Saturday October 30: Queer Dance 9

Monday November 1: Arcoustics
Tuesday November 2: Bob Scott, J T Mitchell Building Contractor, The Special K.
Wednesday November 3: Solar Puppies
Thursday November 4: Flyboy
Saturday November 6: The Good C Quartet – jazz

Monday November 8: Arcoustics
Saturday November 13: Micronism

Monday November 15: Arcoustics
Wednesday November 17: Ake Ake Quiz night
Friday November 19: The Tongue Brothers, Tarek Bazley and the Good C Trio, and friends.

Monday November 22: Arcoustics

Monday November 29: Arcoustics

Saturday December 4: The Stereobus

Saturday December 11: Chris Knox

Friday December 17: The Sanctus Trio (Jazz – Wgtn)

Saturday December 18: David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights

Thursday December 23: End of the Line Party (closing night for 1999) featuring The Chills.

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