Arcbeats, Arclife 011


  1. Kitset / Headlight Gone <=> Roast Garlic and Tomato Soup
  2. Jay Clarkson / Marmalade <=> Kumara Fritter Stack with Salsa Verde
  3. David Kilgour / Chippin Away <=> Roast Potato Salad
  4. Martin Phillipps / I Don’t Want to Live Forever <=> Teriyaki Vegetables
  5. Mink / Your Bad Example <=> Potato, Mushroom Bean Curry
  6. Cloudboy / This Long Under Water <=> Tofu Naan Wrap
  7. Sola Monday / Cool Candy <=> Pesto, Mayo, Hummus
  8. Valve / Lake Johnson <=> Mexican Bean Pie
  9. Suka / Dancing to Tibet <==> Chocolate  Tart
  10. The Clean / Jala <=> Strawberry Shortcake
  11. Hiss Explosion / Stash <=> Cashew and White Chocolate Cookies
  12. Carriage H / Coming Up For Air <=> Vegan Chocolate Cookies
  13. Harmonic Deluxe / Baron 5 <=> Vegan Carrot Cake
  14. Palo Ona / West Coast Song <=> Cinnamon and Honeydew Cheesecake
  15. credits <=> Shakers!

Inside front cover:
Arcbeats is released as a celebration of Arc Cafe and its multiple cultures on the occasion of Arc Cafe’s 4th birthday. Arc Cafe is a charitable trust aiming to make life a little bit more worth living by running a non-commercial media production house, cafe and venue that supports and enhances constructive, authentic new cultures, music and arts.

This is the 11th CD release of Dunedin music on the Arclife label, and it seeks to celebrate the contribution of the cafe to the music scene and vice versa. Over the last four years Arc has become famous for its variety of ‘foods for the soul’, healthy, animal-friendly and delicious. Most of the staple ingredients are organic, and we list all ingredients to assist people who have allergies.

Arcbeats seeks to integrate the experiences of Arc’s memorable food with original music for those of you who can’t be here on a daily basis. You’ll find some of our favourite recipes and music to combine and consume at your leisure.

Arcbeats was put together by Thomas Bell, Emma Milburn and Caroline McCaw with invaluable assistance from Elliott Young, Martin Kean, Stephen Kilroy, Antony Deaker, Brian Spittle, Yellow & f*INK, and all the wonderful staff @ Arc.

Thanks also to all the musicians who gave their time and energy. There are detailed credits for all the CD music on the back pages of this cookbook.

Special big thank yous to everyone who have been involved in discussions surrounding this project over the last 12 months, and particularly to Arc’s cooks past and present: Suzy Gallagher, Nina Barbezat, Emma Milburn, Kristen Jensen, Mandy K, Lou, Sally McDonald & Richard Shaw.

Thanks also to all the friends and supporters and patrons of Arc Cafe, without you we wouldn’t be here. For more information about Arc Cafe, or if you want to visit us:

Arc Cafe is open Monday to Saturday, noon until late.

It is fully licensed R18 vegetarian cafe and venue, with free internet, found at 135 High St, Dunedin, New Zealand, phone (03) 474-1135, email

For information about upcoming events and the latest Arclife releases visit our website

Arcbeats gratefully received funding from CNZ Creative Communities and the Community Trust of Otago.


Album credits

Kitset / Headlight Gone

(Kitset) 3.41. Peter Hobbs: Guitar, vocals. Paddy Moran: Keyboards. Frank: Drums. Recorded & Mixed by Peter Hobbs & Kitset 2001. c & p Kitset 2001

Jay Clarkson / Marmalade

(J. Clarkson) 2.40. Tenzin Mullin: Bass. Constantine Karlis: Drums. Jay Clarkson: Vocals, Guitar. Recorded at Tailgater by Paddy Moran, Mixed at Marama Hall by Peter Hobbs & Jay Clarkson. c & p Jay Clarkson 2000

David Kilgour / Chippin Away

(D. Kilgour) 3.10. David Kilgour: Vocals, Instruments. Recorded & Mixed by David Kilgour with thanks to Stephen Kilroy. c & p David Kilgour 1997.

Martin Phillipps / I Don’t Want to Live Forever

(M. Phillipps) 2.51. Martin Phills: Vocals, Casio, Guitars, Bass. Recorded by Martin Phillipps on 4 track cassette 1993. Mixed by Brian Spittle @ Happy Hagland the Happiest Kingdom of them all. May 2001. c & p Martin Phillipps 1993.

Mink / Your Bad Example

(G. D. Henderson) 3.32. George D. Henderson: Vocals, Guitar, Rhodes. Bethan Lewis: Violin. Craig Monk: Violin. Al Star: Viola. Joanne Phipps: Cello. Johannes Contag: Bass Guitar, Flute. Heath Te Au: Drums. This tune is an outtake from the For My Mink album sessions. Recorded and Mixed by Dale Cotton at Vault, November 1995. c & p Mink 1995.

Cloudboy / This Long Under Water

(D. Lloyd) 5.17. Demarnia Lloyd: Vocals, Sample Loop, Electric Piano. Craig Monk: Robot Guitar, Synth Colouring. Johannes Contag: Bass Guitar, Drum Effects. Heath Te Au: Drums. Recorded & Mixed by Johannes Contag. Mastered by Angus McNaughton. c & p Cloudboy 2001.

Magnolia / Sleep to Dream

(L. Kewene, S. Small) 6.03. Louise Kewene: Arrangement & Programming. Stephen Small: Piano. Recorded & Mixed by Louise Kewene. c & p Magnolia 2001.

Sola Monday / Cool Candy

(S. Monday) 3.40. Sola: Vocals, Keyboards. Emma Milburn: Bass. Al Star: Viola. Dianne Civil: Drums. Trinity Kaumoana: Backing Vocals. Recorded, Edited and Mixed by Brian Spittle @ Happy Hangland the Happiest Kingdom of them all. May 2001. c & p Sola Monday 2001.

Valve / Lake Johnson

(K. Winders, P. Winders, J. Harford) 5.32. Kiri Winders: Vocals, Bass. Paul Winders: Guitar. Jeff Harford: Drums. Recorded by Mike Stoodley with assistance from Stephen Stedman. Mixed by Mike Stoodley & Valve. Mastered by Mike Stoodley. c & p Valve 2001.

Suka / Dancing to Tibet

(M. Thornicroft & Suka) 3.02. Matthew James Thornicroft: Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitar, Harp. Tenzin Mullin: Bass, Backing Vocals. Heath Te Au: Drums, Backing Vocals. Also Gazza, Geraldo & Friends on Backing Vocals. Recorded by Elliott Young late 1999. Mixed & Mastered by Dale Cotton July 2000. c & p Tapeworm 1999 come back soon Tenzin! We miss you, love Suka.

The Clean / Jala

(H. Kilgour, D. Kilgour, R. Scott) 4.08. Hamish Kilgour: Drums. Robert Scott: Guitar. David Kilgour: Vocals, Guitar. Recorded live by Elliott Young @ Arc Cafe 7/11/2000 Mixed by Brian Spittle & Thomas Bell. c & p The Clean 2000. This song will be appearing on the forthcoming Clean album Get Away.

Hiss Explosion / Stash

(M. Brasell, P. Michell) 4.32. Michael Brasell: Vocals, Guitar, Loop. Peter Mitchell: Drums. Recorded & mixed by Michael Brasell on 4 track 2000. c & p Hiss Explosion 2000.

Mëstar / Drift

(J. White & Mëstar) 4.09. John White: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard. Stefan Bray: Bass. Ian Wilson: Drums. Recorded & Mixed by Dale Cotton & Mëstar. c & p Mëstar 2000.

Carriage H / Coming Up For Air

(T. Smith, A. Wilson, M.Prain). 3.30. Tim Smith: Guitar, Vocals. Andrew Wilson: Bass. Michael Prain: Drums. Recorded & Mixed by Evan Sunley James @ Derivitave May 2001. c & p Carriage H 2001.

Harmonic Deluxe / Baron 5

(R. Scott, R. Yeats, T. Bell) 9.00. Robert Scott: Guitar. Thomas Bell: Guitar. Robbie Yeats: Drums. Recorded by Thomas Bell on 4 track late 2000. Mixed by Thomas Bell. Robert Scott c & p Harmonic Deluxe 2000.

Palo Ona / West Coast Song

(R. Baker, M. Sharma, E. Milburn, T. Bull) 7.59. Tamatea Bull: Drums. Mark Sharma: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar. Emma Milburn: Vocals, Guitar. Richard Baker: Bass, Keyboard, Effects. Recorded & Mixed on 4 track by Richard Baker. c & p Paolo Ona 1999.

Mastered by Digihag with extra ears from T. Bell (except for where otherwise specified) @ Happy Hagland the Happiest Kingdom of them all. Compiled by T. Bell & Digihag May 2001.

This is the fourth compilation to be released by Arclife Records. For a catalogue write to 135 High Street, Dunedin, New Zealand. email phone +64 3 474 1135 facsimile +64 3 4745135.

Arclife Records is a subsidary of Arc Cafe, a non-profit vegetarian/vegan cafe, non-commercial media production house & performance venue that supports & advances constructive, authentic new cultures, music & arts.

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