Arc Cafe Trust

On 17/03/2000 the Arc Cafe Trust was formed with this purpose:

3.1 the purpose of the Trust is to enrich the lives of the public by providing a non-commercial media production house, cafe and venue that supports and advances constructive, authentic new cultures, music and arts by:

3.1.1 being welcoming, respectful and accessible to all who respect its environment and values.

3.1.2 showcasing innovation and new forms in music and the arts.

3.1.3 being stimulating, exciting, innovative and fun.

3.1.4 being peaceful and non-violent.

3.1.5 genuinely caring about the wellbeing of its customers, environment and staff.

3.1.6 maintaining a consistently high standard of service, product and entertainment.

3.1.7 being an end in itself rather than a means to an end, ie being run in order that it exists, not in order to make money or become powerful.

3.1.8 having complete integrity throughout its operation.

3.1.9 being financially self-sustaining and responsibly managed to ensure perpetual existence.

3.1.10 never seeking to appear to do the above without really doing it.

3.2 the trust will:

3.2.1 work constructively, positively and holistically.

3.2.2 approach all situations with compassion, tolerance and optimism.

3.2.3 be aware when a situation is not working and needs to be changed, and to be prepared to take necessary action to change it, provided the actions accord with the trust’s purpose and method.

3.2.4 embody complete integrity.

The trust was dissolved in 2004.

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