Music of Dunedin, Arclife 001

  1. Pretty (Cloudboy)
  2. Cheeseburger Song (Lesley Speaker)
  3. Love Song (Mëstar) – download mp3
  4. At the Mercy of (Jay Clarkson)
  5. Kipiel (Suka)
  6. Swallow (Sola Monday)
  7. L is Poison (John White)
  8. White Boys on Punk (Jetty)
  9. Ride (Mink)
  10. Autobahn (April Fools)
  11. Slipperyness (Ultrasynthetic)
  12. The Dawn (Demarnia Lloyd)
  13. Shining Star (Tawhiri)
  14. Hospice (Alastair Galbraith)
  15. Where the Angels Bathe (Toast)
  16. Handful of Snakes (Slate)
  17. Roll Along (The Dark Beaks)
  18. Universe of Love (Peter Gutteridge)

Originally identified as ARCD-1.

Inside cover:

Firstly to thank is Stephen Kilroy who had the vision, skills and energy to make this happen. In eighteen days Stephen recorded and mixed 14 songs at Arc on his 16 track and mastered the compilation to CD.

And huge thanks go to Johannes Contag, for numerous all nighters mastering amidst an already packed band schedule; Nigel Jenkins, for high generosity of time, crucial equipment and advice; Jeremy Belcher, for mastering the red book CD with care in no-time; Stuart and Jenny Young for believing in and backing the project from the start; Nick Feint for long hours in selfless service making dreams reality; Heath Te Au as second technician and main bar man, and Jane-Deval-Smith, Clare Havell, Nick Duval-Smith, Felisa, Sandra, Nigel Bunn, Alastair Galbraith, Demarnia Lloyd, Tenzin Mullin, Martin and Caro, Craig Monk, OZI BSY, Randall Storey, Amos Mann, Tanya Hoar, Peter Gutteridge, David Holtz, Donna Demente-Olgivy, David Kilgour (for believing), Barbara Manning, Robert Scott, Martin Phillipps, Alan Haig, Andrew Jamieson, Bronwyn Kingi, John White, Stefan Bray, Ian Wilson, Jay Clarkson, Andrew Dickson, Matthew Thornicroft, Sola Monday, Jason Smith, Bryan Spittle, Robin Sharma, Aaron Sharma, Gary Dalhousie, Andrew Barsby, Martyn Sadler, Peter Hobbs, Steve Best, Piers Graham, Inge Andrew, Irian Czar, Adam, Shelley, Jeff Mitchell, Tristan HUD, Rachel France, The Dukes of I, Darryl Baser, Tony Tarasievicz, Nick Prosser, David Strang, Richard Strang, Jim Strang, Wonder Wendy, Philip Savory, Jasmine Mann, Paula Brand, Angela Crompton, Brenda Harwood, Darryn and Wallace at Radio One, Lloyd Edwards, Richard, Spontaneous Search Party for finding our little mascot men, Steve Farrant, Michael Havell, Anne Mein, Sally Coughlan, Heidi Roesch and the thousands that have come and enjoyed and been a part of Arc Cafe. [Written by Kristen Jensen and Elliott Young]

For a town full of clubs, finally a heart.

Arc Cafe was begun in early 1997 as a place to foster Dunedin art, music and culture. It distributes all its profit to local arts and music projects. Many many incredible things happened within its walls in 1997. 1998 will be even better.

Arc Cafe, 135 High St, Dunedin, New Zealand. Ph 64 3 474-1135. Fax 64 3 474-5135.

Album credits:

  1. Pretty (D. Lloyd). Cloudboy (Demarnia Lloyd (vocals, programming), Craig Monk (guitar, keyboard), Johannes Contag (bass), Heath Te Au (drums), Jef T. Mitchell (backing vocal)). Recorded at arc 11 Jan 1998. © and p Cloudboy.
  2. Cheeseburger song (P. Hobbs). Lesley Speaker (Peter Hobbs (vocals, guitar), Steve Best (guitar, vocals), Johannes Contag-Bacon (bass), Piers Graham (drums)). Recorded at arc 17 January 1998. © and p Lesley Speaker.
  3. Love Song (J. White and Mëstar). Mëstar (John White (vocals, guitar), Stefan Bray (bass and vocals), Ian Wilson (drums)). Recorded at arc 6 jan 1998. © and p Mëstar.
  4. At the mercy of (J. Clarkson). Jay Clarkson (Jay Clarkson (vocals, guitar, piano), Tenzin Mullin (bass), Heath Te Au (drums)). Recorded at arc 12 Jan 1998. © and p Jay Clarkson.
  5. Kipiel (M. Thornicroft). Suka (M. Thornicroft (vocals, piano, guitar), Tenzin Mullin (bass), Craig Monk (viola), Heath Te Au (vocals, drums)). Recorded at arc 16 January 1998. © and p Suka.
  6. Swallow (S. Monday). Sola Monday (Sola Monday (vocals, guitar), Jason Smith (Drums, shaker), Craig Monk (guitars), Tenzin Mullin (bass)). Recorded at Everything Inc and Happy Hagland the Happiest Kingdom of Them All, August-September 1997. © and p Sola Monday.
  7. L. is Poison (J. White). John White (vocals, guitar). Recorded at arc 6 Jan 1998. © and p J. White.
  8. White boys on punk (R. Sharma). Jetty (Robin Sharma (vocals, guitar), Gary Dalhousie (guitars, backing vocals), Andrew Barsby (bass), Martyn Sadler (drums)). Recorded at tailgater Nov 1997. © and p Jetty.
  9. Ride (J. Aldridge, D. Lloyd, B. Spittle). Mink (Demarnia Lloyd (vocals), ISO-12 (VAZ synthesis), Bryan Spittle (sequencing), Johannes Contag (synthesizer)). Recorded at Happy Hagland the Happiest Kingdom of Them All, September-October 1997. © and p IRMusic.
  10. Autobahn (R. Hutter & F. Schneider). April Fools (David Kilgour (vocals, guitar), Martin Phillipps (keyboards, bass, vocals), Alan Haig (drums, percussion)). Recorded at arc 9 Jan 1998. GEMA/MCPS.
  11. Slipperyness (A. Thomasson). Ultrasynthetic (Ozi Bsy (sequence, vocals, tambourine), Inge Andrew (vocals), Jef T. Mitchell (vocals, toy cymbals), Irian Czar (vocals, avocado), Craig Monk (violin), Heath Te Au (drums), Tristan hud (guitar), Tony Tarasiewicz DFA Hons (clapsticks), Trouble (samples), Digi-Fag (splices), Demarnia Lloyd (keyboard), Johannes Contag (maraca)). Recorded at arc 10 Jan 1998. © and p Ultrasynthetic.
  12. The Dawn (D. Lloyd). Demarnia Lloyd (Demarnia Lloyd (vocals, samples), Nick Prosser (Papua New Guinean flute), Tristan hud (guitar)). Recorded at arc 10 Jan 1998. © and p Demarnia Lloyd.
  13. Shining Star (H. Te Au). Tawhiri (Heath Te Au (vocals, guitar, synth)). Recorded at Heath’s Place 1997. © and p Tawhiri.
  14. Hospice (A. Galbraith). Alastair Galbraith (all instruments) except Nigel Bunn plays bass clarinet. Recorded at arc 15 January 1998. © and p A. Galbraith.
  15. Where the angels bathe (R. Scott). Toast (Robert Scott (vocals, guitar), David Strang (guitar), Richard Strang (bass), Jim Strang (drums). Recorded at arc 17 january 1998. © and p Toast.
  16. Handful of snakes (A. Dickson). Slate (A. Dickson (vocals, guitar), Wonder Wendy (violin), Craig Monk (piano)). Recorded at arc 13 Jan 1998. © and p Slate.
  17. Roll along (A. Jamieson). The Dark Beaks (Andrew Jamieson (vocals, guitar), Heath Te Au (bass), Bronwyn Kingi (drums), Philip Savory (saxophone)). Recorded at arc 18 January 1998. © and p Andrew Jamieson.
  18. Universe of Love (P. Gutteridge). Peter Gutteridge (vocals, piano). Recorded at arc 7 Jan 1998. © and p P. Gutteridge.

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