Live Show List 1997

Friday 4 July 1997: Mink
Saturday 5 July: The Transients

Thursday 10 July: Cloudgirl
Friday 11 July: Polyamorous Love Cult

Friday 11 July: The Magick Heads
Saturday 12 July: Humania

Wednesday 16 July: Pumice, Slate, Sola Monday and Jonathan Talbot
Thursday 17 July: D. Baser, Jane Harris, Raisin Frost, Francisca Griffin, Heath Te Au

Friday 18 July: Ultrasynthetic, Victrola and Special Guests
Saturday 19 July: Orbi

Wednesday July 23: Double LP Release party featuring Slate, Jay Clarkson, Small Blue Torch and Pumice.
Thursday July 24: Cloudgirl plays the hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.
Friday July 25: Everything Inc. Jazz night
Saturday July 26: The Transients and the Low-Down Ho-down All-Star Band.

Thursday 31 July: Cloudgirl and Jeff T. Mitchel
Friday August 1: Everything Inc. Benefit Gig: bands, films, poetry…Peter Gutteridge, My Deviant Daughter, The Dark Beaks, Willa O’neil, The Lonesome Throats, The Ho Dogs.
Sunday August 3: Opening of The Dunedin Womens Festival: Demarnia Lloyd, Imogen, Francisca Griffin and special guests.

Friday August 8: Dunedin Womens Festival exhibition opening and womens dance.

Wednesday August 13: Amos Mann band Jazz
Thursday August 14: Sola Monday
Friday August 15: Everything Inc. DJ night. Ultrasynthetic, ISO-12, DJK and others.
Saturday August 16: Prom Night.

Wednesday August 20: King Parrot jazz
Thursday August 21: Cloudgirl
Friday August 22: Everything Inc benefit with Francisca Griffin, Sleet, Cloudboy
Saturday August 23: Mestar, Corrosive 8, The Dark Beaks.

Wednesday August 27: Amos Mann Band Jazz.
Thursday August 28: Sola Monday
Friday August 29: 8pm Everything Inc benefit gig: Suka, The Dark Beaks, D. Baser, Daegobah, The Psychologists, Sola Monday (poetry)
Saturday August 30: Sounds of Samadhi present ‘Experience of Dance’ Dance Party: DJs Ametrine (drum n bass, jungle), Bradbird (deep house), Mahadeva (goa trance)

Monday September 1: Art School Ball
Wednesday September 3: Amos Mann Band Jazz
Thursday September 4: Cloudgirl
Friday September 5: Amnesty International Benefit Gig including Whole Peeled and Orbi
Saturday September 6: Decay Dance and DJ Septic

Monday September 8: The Flashback kid plays Moog
Tuesday September 9: The Jam Session.
Wednesday September 10: Amos Mann Band Jazz.
Thursday September 11: Sola Monday Free Country
Friday September 12: Everything Inc night with Mestar, The Clones, The Dukes of I, Jetty, Alternative Strings.

Monday September 15: Betty Bamm-Bamm.
Tuesday September 16: The Jam Session
Wednesday September 17: King Parrot Jazz.
Thursday September 18: Ultrasynthetic Dance for Free “Plunder Phonic Breakbeats”.
Friday September 19: Everything Inc DJ night: DJ Sona and others.
Saturday September 20: Chris Knox

Monday September 22: DJs Betty Bamm-Bamm and the Flashback kid are in the Moog
Tuesday September 23: The Jam Session.
Wednesday September 24: Amos Mann Band Jazz.
Thursday September 25: Alastair Galbraith.
Friday September 26: Everything Variety Spectacular with the string group and voice orchestra, Veda Whale, Amos solo.
Saturday September 27: Salmonella Dub and Laughin’ Gas

Monday September 29: DJs Betty Bamm-Bamm and the Flashback kid are in the Moog
Tuesday September 30: The Jam Session.
Wednesday October 1: Paul Ubana Jones.
Thursday October 2: Prom Night II
Friday October 3: A Date with Drag Lulu: Jetty, Degobah, Miss Crystal, Tawhiri, The Transients, Blair the Poet and more
Saturday October 4: Mestar and Missile Moon

Tuesday October 7: Jam Night.
Wednesday October 8: Amos Mann Band Jazz.
Thursday October 9: Design Studies Multimedia evening
Friday October 10: Francisca Griffin and Slate
Saturday October 11: The Magick Heads and Andrew Jamieson

Tuesday October 14: Jam Night.
Wednesday October 15: King Parrot Jazz
Thursday October 16: The Puddle.
Friday October 17: Everything Inc benefit: Severe Mental Cruelty, Nullo Modo, A & A’s bus trips, Animalypse, Amos Slide, Cloudgirl
Saturday October 18: Jetty and The Dark Beaks.

Tuesday October 21: Jam Night.
Wednesday October 22: The Transients and Jay Clarkson
Thursday October 23: Cloudboy and Suka
Friday October 24: Everything Inc benefit with Eve, The Whirling Eddies…
Saturday October 25: ‘The Endless Now’ live techno

Tuesday October 28: Jam Night.
Wednesday October 29: D. Baser, Brian Crook, Mary Rose Crook
Thursday October 30: Rose – ambient night
Friday October 31: Everything Inc benefit
Saturday November 1: The Clones and Mestar

Wednesday November 5: Luke Hurley
Thursday November 6: Laughin’ Gas and DJ Philistine
Friday November 7: The Secret Oamaruvians Ball
Saturday November 8: Bike with Jetty

Thursday November 13: Funhouse (last gig).
Friday November 14: Mink with the Sola Monday band and Bus Trips.
Saturday November 15: The Dukes of I

Friday November 21: Flies Inside the Sun and Sandoz Lab Technicians
Saturday November 22: Orbi

Thursday November 27: Jetty, Lagernaut, Leslie Speaker, Rebecca Fountain, Cloudgirl
Friday November 28: Mestar and Missile Moon.
Saturday November 29: Refugees from the City of Violins…a truckload of autoperformers from the Plains of Deception [chch] .. spoken word / things to see and hear / Here Comes Jack Thompson

Thursday December 4: Night on Ambient Earth
Friday December 5: Sakaki Mango, The Dark Beaks, Hebe
Saturday December 6: GK1 Jaz (Queenstown)

Thursday December 11: Francis Dove
Friday December 12: Everything Inc benefit featuring Prozac Club, Amos Mann and much more
Saturday December 13: Death Threat Films (Auck) present a short film festival

Thursday December 18: The Transients
Friday December 19: David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights with Martin Phillips
Saturday December 20: Orbi with Robert Scott

Wednesday December 24: Luke Hurley.

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